Overdrive Repairs Bolton

Overdrive Repairs Bolton

Overdrive units are usually common on older cars, it is rare that modern cars have overdrive units. This means that it is much more difficult to locate a brand new replacement overdrive. Fortunately, here at A1 Transmissions of Bolton, we can repair or refurbish your overdrive unit to have functionality that is as good as a new unit!

Having 30 Years’ experience, the early days consisted quite regularly of overdrive repairs. We are very confident in our work and can assure you quality and very competitive prices!

Overdrive Repairs Bolton


With 30 years experience, we assure you a quality service!

Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes, Axles and Overdrives repaired or refurbished at very competitive prices. All work carried out in the North-West Region, although nationwide requests are welcomed.


We are located in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

A1 Transmissions, Providence St, Bolton, BL3 6GA