Axle Repairs Bolton

Axle Repairs

At A1 Transmissions, we repair and rebuild front and rear axles for Cars, Vans and Light Commercial Vehicles. Our service covers the whole procedure of removing the axle from the vehicle, carrying out the repairs and refitting the axle.

Often, we find bearings to be the main culprit of axle failure. After years of repetitive use, they become worn and loose. This causes the axle to emit whining sounds when in use. We can ensure you, the axle will be as good as new after we have fitted a new bearing set. New bearings are tight and smooth, thus ensuring the oscillating components to turn freely and quietly.

Axle Repairs Bolton


With 30 years experience, we assure you a quality service!

Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes, Axles and Overdrives repaired or refurbished at very competitive prices. All work carried out in the North-West Region, although nationwide requests are welcomed.


We are located in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

A1 Transmissions, Providence St, Bolton, BL3 6GA