Differential Repairs Bolton

Differential Repairs

Here at A1 Transmissions, we specialise in Differential Repairs and Differential Rebuilds in Bolton and its surrounding areas. All our repairs ensure your Differential is returned to you in a condition deemed ‘as good as new’

Differentials fail due to a number of factors. First and most common fault is bearings becoming worn. This will cause you Differential to whine and possibly clunk. It can be repaired by fitting quality brand new replacement bearings that ensure the components can move freely, without play. Another common failure is oil leaks, the sump of the differential has a seal to keep the lubricating oil sealed within the unit. Keeping the teeth of the gears lubricated ensures the parts move freely. However, when the oil becomes too low. The gears get dry and lack lubrication that causes them to become very hot and can cause teeth to rapture, requiring a new gear.

Differential Repairs Bolton


With 30 years experience, we assure you a quality service!

Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes, Axles and Overdrives repaired or refurbished at very competitive prices. All work carried out in the North-West Region, although nationwide requests are welcomed.


We are located in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

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