Gearbox Repairs Bolton

Gearbox Repairs Bolton

A1 Transmissions are Number 1 for Gearbox Repairs in Bolton and the North-West Region. We are a Specialist Gearbox Repair Centre, so we can assure you quality and efficient repairs. We can always guarantee a quick turnaround at very competitive prices, thus ensuring your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible!

Gearbox ReconditioningThere are many reasons as to why a Gearbox may fail. The most common one is bearing failure. When bearings had many years of use, they begin to wear out which causes excessive movement on the constrained part. So where the bearing provides rotational movement, minor linear motion may be created by the worn bearing. This will cause the gearbox to produce unpleasant noises, difficult shifting and in some cases, seizure. At our workshop, we will remove your old bearing, inspect surrounding parts to make sure damage hasn’t occurred and then we will proceed to fit a quality brand new replacement bearing.

Other common Gearbox issues include: Whining gears, Jumping out of gear, Difficult to find/select gears, Oil Leaks, etc. All of which can be repaired by A1 Transmissions of Bolton in our fully equipped workshop.

Although our main aim is to repair gearboxes for a particular fault, we can also do a complete refurbishment of your gearbox. This usually consists replacing old and worn parts with brand new ones, such as Bearings and Oil Seals. The internals of the gearbox will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure no debris or metal filings are present, which could potentially cause wear and damage to gears and bearings.

Gearbox Repairs BoltonWe are very confident that we can repair all gearboxes, but if we come across a gearbox that is beyond repair. We can locate and fit a replacement gearbox to your vehicle at a very competitive rate! However, if you have the ability to fit a gearbox yourself, we can still locate a gearbox for your vehicle and send it to you using one of our reputable next day courier services.


With 30 years experience, we assure you a quality service!

Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes, Axles and Overdrives repaired or refurbished at very competitive prices. All work carried out in the North-West Region, although nationwide requests are welcomed.


We are located in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

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